Saturday, August 8, 2009

August issue of Gulab hits the news stands

August issue of Gulab hits the news stands

The August issue of Goa’s only illustrated Konkani monthly GULAB is out on the stands.

The main feature of the issue being Medium of Instruction for Primary Schools in Goa, Fausto V. da Costa in the main feature ‘Mullavem Xikxonn Khoinche Bhaxentlean Aschem?’ details the advantages and disadvantages of having the medium of instruction in the regional languages vis-à-vis in English through the opinions of parents, educationists, linguists and the politicians.

Vincy Quadros gives his view regarding the government’s new proposal in his article ‘Dhavecheo Porikxa Optional’?, while John Aguiar explains the new educational policy in ‘Novem Xikxonnik Dhoronn’.Besides this main story the issue has a cover story on public health ‘Bholaiki Bighoddtta Tedna…” by Soter R Barreto and on Independence ‘Khorench Ami Svotontr Kai?’ by Guadalupe Dias.

This issue also features a number of other thought provoking articles by the renowned Konkani writers – Dilip Borkar, Cursino R. Pinho, Felix da Cruz, Sudha Amonkar, John Afonso and others. Short stories by J. B. Moraes, Damodar Ghanekar and Brenda Menezes and ‘Bhonvddi’ a poetry by Walter Menezes.

Priced at Rs. 15/- (outside Goa Rs. 20/-) the issue is available at all the outlets in Goa, Mumbai and the Gulf countries, or contact the publisher on +91 9821228684 or Email: or


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