Saturday, May 8, 2010

April issue of GULAB hits the news stand

April issue of GULAB hits the news stand

The April issue of Goa's most popular Konkani monthly GULAB hits the news stand. This issue carries a special feature on Konkani Associations, Language and promotion of Konkani.

Vincy Quadros in his article 'Konkani Sonstha, Sahit'ya Ani Konknnicho Prochar' gives a detailed account of the promotion of Konkani language through its associations.

Marcos Gonsalves highlights the many hurdles put forth by its so called leaders themselves in the promotion of Konkani language in his article 'Hi Dixa Naxil'li Konknni Chollvoll Kai?', while Soter Barreto wonders whether the many sammelans of Konkani held are successful in bringing together the Konkani speaking people or drifting them away in his article 'Konknni Bhaxechim Sommelonam Konknni Mon'xank Ektthaim Haddttat Kai? Vo."

This issue also carries Dilip Borkar's cover story on woman reservation Bill - 'Bailam Hatim Rajki Sot'ta Dadleank Porvoddtta?', besides thought provoking articles by the stalwarts Cursino R. Pinho, Sudha Amonkar, Felix P. da Cruz, Guadalupe Dias, Willy Goes, John Aguiar, etc.

Priced at Rs. 15/- this issue is available in Goa and Mumbai. For more details kindly contact 9821228684.

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