Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gulab - April 2009 issue on the stands !

GULAB-acho Abril mhoineacho ank bhair sorlo

Gõychem ekuch ronigt Mhoinallem GULAB hacho Abril mhoineacho ank bahir sorlo.

Podrave Lok Sobhechea eleisanvanche xins kothecher (cover story) adharlolea hea ankant aichea rajkaronnachim vividh motam ani kotha asat – ‘Lok Sobha Venchnnuk 2009: Oye, Oye! (Vincy Quadros), ‘Rajkaronn Zalam Ek Duddu Korpacho Dhondo! (Soter Barreto), ‘MP Nhoi, Sorkari Zanvoi’ (Dilip Borkar).
He xivay hea ankant asat anik monar uzvadd haddpi okhondd Konknni borovpeanche lekh zoxe porim: Cursin R. Pinho, Felix da Cruz, Sudha Amonkar, John Aguiar, Guadalupe Dias, John Afonso, Marcos Gonslaves, Willy Goes, Pio Esteves, Fr. Ubald Fernandes, Lino Dourado ani her. Tech porim hea ankant prokaxit zalea adlea tempaili lovkik Konknni palkachi sundori – Betty Ferns hachi khas mulakhot.
Pondra rupia molacho (Gõya bhair Ru. 20/-) ho ank Goenchea toxeach Mumboichea ani Golfantlea sodanchea vortoman-potram manddar uplobd asa. Odhik mahiti khatir sompadpea lagim sompork korum yeta: 9821228684 hea ankddeacher vo email:

April issue of GULAB hits the news stands

The April issue of the Goa’s only Konkani monthly GULAB is out on the stands.
With the 15th. Lok Sabha Elections as it’s cover story this issue features varied viewpoints on today’s political scenario by the renowned Konkani columnist: Soter Barreto - ‘Rajkaronn Zalam Ek Duddu Korpacho Dhondo!’, Vincy Quadros - ‘Lok Sobha Venchnnuk 2009: Oye, Oye!’, Dilip Borkar – ‘MP Nhoi, Sorkari Zanvoi!’.
Besides a number of other thought provoking articles by the stalwarts – Cursino R. Pinho, Felix da Cruz, Sudha Amonkar, John Aguiar, Guadalupe Dias, John Afonso, Marcos Gonsalves, Pio Esteves, Willy Goes, Fr. Ubald Fernandes and others.
It also features an interview with the most popular tiatrist of yester year Betty Ferns.
Priced at Rs. 15/- (outside Goa Rs. 20/-) the issue is available at all the outlets in Goa, Mumbai and the Gulf countries, or contact the editor on 9821228684 or email

In Kuwait,email or call Domingos Araujo-Mob 99391452


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