Monday, May 11, 2009

Gulab May 2009 issue - A Mumbai Special

Gulab May 2009 issue - A Mumbai Special

The May issue of the Goa’s only illustrated Konkani monthly Gulab is all about Goa and Goans in Mumbai.

The special feature on Mumbai covering a variety of subjects on Goan Mumboikars is a collector’s item. It starts off with the editorial ‘Mumbai Meri Hai’ followed by the article Goa ’s contribution to Mumbai by the late Orlando Gomes. Soter Barretto dwells on the future of Goans in Mumboi in his thought provoking article ’Sompltolo kai amcho Bombaikar?’ followed by Felix da Cruz’s memories of Mumbai in his article ‘Mhaka Mumboicho Ugddas Yeta.’

Cursin Pinho writes on the miraculous cross of Mumboi’s Cross Maidan while Dilip Borkar writes about his umpteen visits and stay in Mumbai in his nostalgic article ‘Sosnnikay’. Rio Rosa takes you on a journey of the several Goan institutions and associations of Mumbai and their present scenario while Fausto V. da Costa traces the history of the Goan Clubs (kudd) in Mumbai and undermining their sad plight of today put forth some measures to save them from extinction.

Besides these the issue also features thought provoking and investigative articles by the Konkani stalwarts: Jose Dias (Udkacher Far Yeta), Vincy Quadros (Doyallay), John Alfonso (Jiye Ani Dusreankui Jiyeunk Di), Arso (Willy Goes), Guadalupe Dias (Zoim Ximo Astat) and two short stories of the renowned Konkani novelists - Mahableshwar Sail (Bay Chovtik Yetlem) and J. B. Moraes (Matiek Pailea Uprant).

The issue priced at Rs. 15/- is available at the usual outlets in Goa , Mumbai and Gulf. For your subscriptions and other details kindly contact the publisher on 9821228684, email: or in Kuwait email:

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