Friday, July 3, 2009

July issue of Gulab hits the news stands

July issue of Gulab hits the news stands

The July issue of Goa’s only illustrated Konkani monthly GULAB is out on the stands. The main feature of the issue being Rain and importance of water, Vincy Quadros gives a blow to blow detail of importance and use & misuse of water in India with special stress on Goa in his article ‘Udkachi Naxaddi Thamboum-ia’, while Soter Barreto nostalgically remembers the bygone monsoons in Goa in his article ‘Khoim Gelo To Ghosghoxeancho Pavs?’
Besides this main story the issue has a cover story on the jadugar of the Konkani stage late M. Boyer, an interview with the stalwart of the Konkani stage Succorine and a special update on ‘River Princess’ by Incaio Verdes Fernandes.
This issue also features a number of other thought provoking articles by the renowned Konkani writers – J. B. Moraes, Cursino R. Pinho, Felix da Cruz, Sudha Amonkar, Guadalupe Dias, John Afonso and others.
Priced at Rs. 15/- (outside Goa Rs. 20/-) the issue is available at all the outlets in Goa, Mumbai and the Gulf countries, or contact the publisher on 9821228684 or Email:

GULAB-acho Julay mhoineacho ank bhair sorlo
Gõychem ekuch rongit Mhoinallem GULAB hacho Julay mhoineacho ank bhair sorlo. ‘Pavs’ ani ‘Udok’ he xins kothecher (cover story) adharlolea hea ankant nanvvostea Konknni potrkaranchim hea vixoyacher vividh motam asat: Vincy Quadros udkachea mhotva, upeoga ani dur-upeoga vixim iskuttavn mahiti dita aplea lekhant ‘Udkachi Naxaddi Thamboum-ia’, Soter Barreto ‘Khoim Gelo To Ghosghoxeancho Pavs’ hea aplea lekhant adlea Gõyantlea pavsachi yad kaddta.
Hea ankant Konknni palkacho jadugar sorgest M. Boyer hacher vixex lekh asat ani Konknni palkachem nokhetr Bai Succorine hachi khas mulakhot. ‘River Princess’ hache voir Inacio Verdes Fernandes hannem bariksannin mahiti dilea.
He xivay hea ankant asat anikui monar uzvadd ghalpi ani chintunk lavpi okhondd Konknni borovpeanche lekh asat, zoxe porim: J. B. Moraes, Cursin R. Pinho, Felix da Cruz, Sudha Amonkar, Guadalupe Dias, John Alfonso ani her.
Pondra rupia molacho (Gõya bhair Ru. 20/-) ho ank Gõychea toxeach Mumboichea ani Golfantlea sodanchea vortoman-potram manddar uplobd asa. Odhik mahiti khatir uzvaddavpea lagim sompork korum yeta: 9821228684 hea ankddeacher vo e-pot’tear:

- As forwarded to gulf-goans e-newsletter by the publisher

July 4, 2009

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