Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Konkani monthly magazine in Roman script

Copy of mail sent to lino dourado:

Dear Lino,

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad that there is at least one reader who
would like to see both the sides. Therefore I am sending Fr Couto's article
which I have broken into three parts for the sake of convenience. It had also
appeared in RENOVACAO in three parts. For those who don't know this inassuming
priest, Fr Jaime Couto has been a Konkani teacher for almost all his life.
Presently he is at Saligao seminary. He teaches Konkani in Roman script to
seminarians who have completed their twelfth standard and are now preparing to
enter the Rachol Seminary for higher studies in Philosophy and Theology. Those
points which were left uncovered in Fr Couto's article were covered by me in
GULAB which the readers, if they are genuinely interested in Roman script
Konkani, must have already read. As for those who do not read the only
Konkani monthly magazine in Roman script, we could only let them be; they are
only out to have some fun; so why bother about them?


**** Goanet Admin note: Fr. Couto's article follows in three parts. ****

--- lino dourado wrote:

> Hi Eugene,
> S. M. Borges is a great writer and his contribution to
> Gulab and other major Konkani magazines and papers are
> well appreciated
> Lino Dourado
> --- Eugene Correia wrote:
> > This is important correction, though there could be
> > other mistakes.
> >
> > --
> > In my village I COULD'NT (instead of could) find many houses,
> > including mine, buying Konknni magazines and V. Ixtt,
> > except for one neighbour.
> > ----
> >
> > I think S.M.Borges raises some pertinent questions,
> > and it would be good if he posts the article detailing
> > the other viewpoint on this forum, if needed in separate parts.
> >
> > Is S.M Borges the same Borges who writes or has written or Gulab?
> >
> > Eugene

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