Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Konkani, ROMI LIPPI and fake devanagri script

From: "r.barreto" a msg from Francis Rodrigues

[ On re-reading my exhortation to you, I would like to apologize to you if
I have taken you unduly to task. At 4 am, frustrations tend to rankle more.

I do realize however, that we each have our measured quota of limitations,
within which we function. You do your bit for Goa Day irrespective of its
origins and for this we must remain grateful.

The Konkani foot-soldiers labouring in the dusty trenches of Goa will
continue until our goal for the Romi script is achieved.

Aluta continua.

Earlier, Francis Rodrigues had noted that "our beloved mother-tongue remains
falsely imprisoned
behind the bars of a fake Devanagiri script used by a bigoted few"

jc's input:

1. I commend Francis Rodrigues for having reviewed his own view wrt Rene
Barreto. I submit that our views of others must be based on reasonable
facts or factors. Even if you had to take refuge in the "4 am frustrations"
(whatever they are) (:-), FR, thanks for taking a step back.

2. I personally commend Renebab for doing what he does. I trust that as many
among us will come together and help the Goa Day 2006 efforts this year.
Renebab is a good man. He has zip conflict of interest in this. I say that
without any hesitation at all.

3. I hope FR wasn't serious when he labelled Devanagiri script as being
fake. If he was, I'd like to disagree with him. The alleged one-script
Devanagri Scripted Kokni may be >33% (and rising) contrived, but the
Devanagri script certainly is not fake.

4. Let's understand what the issue is, rather than just jump up and down
with politicians, some of whom are now going to discuss this script matter
with Sonia! I hope they are not discussing Konkani with her. Even if they
are ...!

5. I submit to you that this language confusao is about political and
financial control. Look around and see the confusion and filth which abounds
while Goans are fighting among themselves about what SHOULD be their CORRECT
mother tongue.

6. I also suggest to you that both Uday Bhembre and Fr. Pratap will
eventually end up hurting the Konkani our mothers spoke and speak it (our
mother tongue). Script apart, our parents will understand as much of the
Konkani written in the Devanagri script, as they will understand it in the
Romi script, and as much as they would understand German in any script. This
will happen however well intentioned Uday Bhembre and Fr. Pratap may or may
not be.

7. Accordingly, BEFORE we jump up and down and criticise Goans for turning
to English at weddings etc, and turning away from the Church except for
weddings etc, let us try and understand what the main cause for this
situation is and WHO is benefitting from this confusao.

8. IF Romi Konkani mogis really want Romi Konkani books and literature to
survive, they better rethink and re-word publications like Gulab and
Sunaparant. For starters, they may wish to take a cue from the Tiatrs. I
agree with exCM Parrikar on this. One needs a dictionary to understand these
publications. I wish Gulab and Sunaparant all the very best as they self
destruct. It isn't like they have not been advised.

9. Is a rethink likely? I believe not. As long as the Bhembres, Prataps,
Gulab and Sunaparant of this world take these uncompromising and entrenched
positions .... nada will change. Konkani will suffer the same fate as that
delightful language Urdu - eventually mutilated and disfigured by both the
neoHindiwallas (of central and northcentral India) and the neoUrduwallas (of

10. Are we really ready for this uphill battle ....or is it "cheaper" to
just switch to English ?

good wishes to all


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