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Plans to reactivate Dalgado Konkani Akademi - 15/5/2004 (The Navhind Times)

Plans to reactivate Dalgado Konkani Akademi

Over 70 writers of Roman-script Konkani unanimously resolved to
reactivate the Dalgado Konkani Akademi, formed in the 1980s to
further the cause of Roman-script Konkani.

In a meeting held at the T B Cunha hall, Panaji, yesterday, the writers
also resolved to demand the Goa government's support in preserving
and promoting Roman-script Konkani which is the age-old tradition of
the Christian community of Goa. Besides, the writers resolved to organise
a three-day festival to bring together lovers of Roman-script Konkani.

The writers put up several suggestions towards the cause of the
Dalgado Konkani Akademi; the creation of a fund to finance the activities
of Roman-script Konkani, popularisation of its pioneers, bringing together
all institutions using Roman-script Konkani, formation of village level
committees to create awareness etc.

Welcoming the writers, Fr Freddy J Da Costa, the editor of Gulab,
a monthly magazine in Roman-script Konkani, said the aim of this
movement will be to preserve Konkani culture in the Roman script.
He stressed that they were not against Devnagiri-script Konkani and
that the need of the hour was to support writers of Roman-script Konkani
to create good literature and to increase readership.

"Our perception that Devnagiri script for Konkani will unite Goans has
failed us. Konkani writers in Roman script have not got any benefit to
develop their talents," he said. Fr da Costa urged the writers to seriously
deliberate on the issue if Roman-script Konkani was to be preserved.

Mr Tomazinho Cardozo said that Vavraddeancho Ixtt and Gulab, both in
Roman-script, had higher readerships compared to any Konkani publication
in Goa. There is tremendous readership for Roman-script Konkani provided
the writers produce good literature. The Christian community will have firm
roots in Konkani language and Goan identity only if their Konkani tradition
in Roman script is preserved and promoted, Mr Cardozo said.
The Navhind Times 15/5/2004 - page 5

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