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Bonaventure D'Pietro bags DKA AWARD 2008 !

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Subject: Bonaventure D'Pietro bags DKA AWARD 2008 !

DKA Award 2008 to Bonaventure D'Pietro

Mr. Bonaventure Peter Fernandes, popularly known as Bonaventure D' Pietro
in the field of Konknni literature will be shortly awarded prestigious
'Dalgado Puroskar 2008' by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) for his sacrificial
and invaluable life-time contribution to Konkani language.

Born in Chinvar, Anjuna on 14th July, 1943 he learnt Portuguese and music
in the church school. For further studies he went to Mumbai.

His contribution to Konknni literature started in 1958 when his novel
'Soitanacho Ghutt' was serialised in 'O Heraldo' paper. He has authored
number of novels of high literary value and won numerous awards for his
works. Some of his novels which have bagged awards are:- 'Kallea Vistidachi
Choli' (Konknni Bhaxa Award 1972), 'Clara' ('Kirkoll Goan Association Award,
Bombay 1974), 'Mhojea Paicho Fondd' (Kala Academy Award 1974), 'From Goa
with Love' (1975), 'Mog Va Patok?' (Novelette), 'Ek Bhett Mungllurchea
Xarak' (KBM Award 1977 and KA Award 1986), 'Mhaka Jiyeunk Zay', (Konknni
Kendr Mapusa, Award 1984), 'Jimmy' (1984 KA Award), 'Tichea Morrna Uprant'
and 'Janya-Celi'. He also has a short stories' book to his credit 'Tera
Numbrachi Kottri' .

Besides this, D'Pietro has also contributed immensely to Konknni journalism
in the form of informative articles, thought provoking short stories, poems,
etc. He was a regular contributor to Konknni periodicals 'Udentechem
Neketr', 'Novem Gõy', 'Gulab', 'Konkan Mail', etc. His writings are seen
till today on Konknni weekly 'Vavraddeancho Ixtt'. While working as a
sub-editor in some of the above mentioned Konknni periodicals, he has
translated lot of English stuff into Konknni for the benefit of Konknni
readers. He also came out with his own tri-monthly Konknni publication
'Arso' of which 7 issues has been rolled out till today, last issue being
informative 'Sam Juanvachi Porob.' Recognizing his work in Konknni
journalism, Dalgado Konknni Akademi awarded him Fr. Freedy J. Da Costa
Potrokar Award in 2007.

D'Pietro contributed to Konknni tiatr too 'Dhunvor', 'Chitrakar', 'Patang'
are his tiatrs staged in Goa. Besides this he has written number of one-act
plays. He participated in AIR programme 'Bolkanvar Gozali' and 'Sahit'ya
Jhelo' for several years. He wrote the scripts for these programmes. He has
also written many radio plays.

In 1999, Goa Durdorxon broadcast his telefilm 'To Amger Yetolo' on 25th
December spreading the message of Christmas.

Besides being a writer, D'Pietro is also a musician. He plays sweet and
soothing music on Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone,
Clarinet and violin.

'Bonaventures & Bob Brown Combo' (B.B.C.) were his band group in Mumbai.
Presently he is running his musical group in Goa under the banner of
'Pietros'. He has also published a book titled 'Songit - Doulot Gõykaranchi'
in 2004, a research work which gives detailed account of Goa's music and its

His novel 'Tichea Mornna Uprant' has been included in the syllabus of MA
(Konknni). The same literary work has been transliterated and published by
Karnataka Konknni Academy recently in Kannada script..

For enriching the Konknni language and Goan culture in different forms,
D'Pietro has been felicitated by Anjuna Panchayat, Silver Waves Boys
Assaganv, Konknni Heritage Kuwait, Vavraddeancho Ixtt, Gulab, Jivit,
Parishoners of Anjuna, Kalika Devi Devasthan Committee, Siloim, etc. For his
lifetime contribution to Konknni, Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Porvorim
honoured him by conferring on him the prestigious 'Fr. Antonio Pereira
Konknni Puroskar 2004'.

Mr. Pietro will be awarded on 8th May, 2008 on the occasion of Monsenhor
Sebastiao Rudolfo Dalgado's 153rd anniversary at the hands of Shri Eric
Ozario from Mangalore, who was instrumental in taking Konknni in the
Guinness Book of World Records.

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