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A thousand Mabrouks (congratulations) to Mr. Gabriel Crasto. I am glad to
know of this award for you. At least finally your good deeds for the cause
of Goa and Konkani from Bahrain are acknowldged and rewarded.

I also congratulate my friend and your brother in Kuwait Gasper Crasto, one
of the pillars of Navelim Youth Centre, Kuwait, your mother whom I recently
met in Kuwait during the wedding of Gasper and all your family members.

Edward Faleiro and his NRI forum should take note of this. Crasto, you
deserve more and better awards than this. It is perons like you in the Gulf
who work for the cause of Goa and Konkani which is the soul of Goa and not
those who were doled NRI Awards on silver platter when their contributions
for the cause of Goa and especially for Konkani are nothing.

If at all any top awards are to be presented to NRI Goans, then it should be
for Gulf Goans only whose contributions for the cause of Goa and Konkani is
second to none. Once again Edward Faleiro and his chamchas should open their

A thousand congratulations to Mr. Crasto once again. Through this
recognition you gave recognition not only to the excellent contribution of
Bahrain Goans to the cause of Goans and Konkani but also to the contribution
of entire Gulf Goans -- headed by Kuwait Goans.

I share in your happiness.

A. Veronica Fernandes,

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G R Crasto is Goan Review's 'Man of the year'

Renowned Konkani activist and social worker Gabriel R. Crasto of Navelim,
Goa has been selected The Goan Review's 'Personality of the Year (2006) for
his dedicated service to the cause of Goans and Konkani language.

Crasto a staunch Konkani supporter who presently works for Jalal Travel
Agency in Bahrain has served the Goan community in Bahrain and has always
supported the cause of Konkani and Goa.

Crasto is an outstanding footballer, organiser and compere and occassionally
contributes his thought-provoking articles to Gulab and The Goan Review. The
award instituted by GRAF (Goan Review Art Foundation) in the memory of late
Fortunato Fernandes consisting of a rolling trophy, a certificate and cash
prize, will be bestowed on the winner at a special public function to be
held later this year.

For a photo of G R Crasto, please see:

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