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Konkani Variety Show A Big Success (9th Oct. 2008)

'Gulab' Celebrations continues in Kuwait

Konkani Variety Show A Big Success
By Gasper Almeida Kuwait

Kuwait October 16, 2008: The "Konkani Variety Show" presented as part of the Gulab Silver Jubilee celebrations in Kuwait was held to a packed audience at the Carmel School Auditorium in Kheitan on Thursday, 9th October. The programme commenced with a welcome note from the compere of the event, Sylvester Vaz, who introduced Mr. Domingos Araujo, President: Kala Mogui Kuwait, Gulab Representative Kuwait and Head of the "Gulab Working Committee", followed by the grand entry of the visiting dignitaries from Goa and Mumbai, chief guest - editor of Gulab Fausto V. Da Costa and Guest of Honour - the well-known Konkani writer Pio Esteves, together with Fr.Teo Fernandes, Vicar-Ahmadi Church and Konkani poet/writer Anthony Correia Pienkar.

A spectacular display of talent in the form of songs, skit, musicals, and superbly choreographed traditional dance sequences by selected local troupes mesmerized the audiences. The programme unfolded with the screening of the GULAB Silver Jubilee Opening Ceremony held on 15th August 2008, followed by an introduction of the musical group "Pearl Beats" from Abu Halifa. This latest sensational band led by Ivan Almeida, Vinay Lewis (Lead Guitar), Laveena Pais, Gladys Noronha, Roshan D'Silva, Vincent Braganza (Keyboard), Sunith Noronha (Keyboard), Austin Salinas (Trumpet & Lead Guitar), Anil Pais (Base Guitar) and Prashant Ferrao (Percussion) got the audience in the grove with a specially composed welcome song for GULAB rendered by Ivan Almeida, Laveena Pais, Gladys Noronha and Roshan D'Silva, followed by Gladys’ solo Konkani number "Kutu Kutu Korchea Kotrunja" and a duet "Bhangar Tum Mhojem" by Roshan D'Silva & Laveena Pais. Sylvester Vaz recited a Konkani poem written by Antonio Corriea Pienkar, followed by Comedian Philip (Pereira) who set the stage ablaze with his jazzy Konkani song satisfying the entertainment hungry audience, a song on late Sunny de Quepem (composed by Jacinto Noronha) sung by Anthony Fernandes, a comedy song by Tony de Pomburpa interspeared with a screen show of Konkani protagonists' messages and an unique brain storm Quiz on GULAB, laced with a variety of talents display in the form of well choreographed songs and dance sequences with several dance troupes participating.

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"Fultim Fullam" led by Aurora Fernandes, Micky Fernandes with coordination from Cindy Anne Cardozo and Maxie Vaz and the groupe comprised of Janet D'Souza, Abigail Vaz, Arlen D'Souza, Chelsea Joseph, Cristalina Pinto, Meville Lobo, Jesica Remedios, Leshaina Gomes, Jezril Remedios, Dwayne Lobo, Oswald D'Costa, Rusener D'Silva and Riya Vaz showcased the Goan folklore. A foot-tapping show of Goan and Manglorean culture by "The Dance Fiesta" coordinated by Ursula Fernandes, Jasmine Filipe, Allan Netto and Molly D'Souza supported by Francisco Filipe, Sheryl Jesus and Margaret Jesus, Sushma, Sayanora Viegas and Joanita comprising of Joshua Crasto, Sophia Noronha, Sleejy George, Laira Pinto, Nolan Rodrigues, Blossom Jose, Christopher D'Souza, Lorraine D'Souza, Renwick Lewis, Malaika Rebello, Trevor D'Souza, Alisha Fernandes, Valencio Viegas, Gonxha Rodrigues, Josban Crasto, Sharon Mascarenhas, Sleevy George, Venetia D'Silva, Dylan Almeida, Jennifer Benny, Queena Menezes, Joseph Varghese, Karishma Aripakula, Joel Filipe, Hillary D'Souza, Heldon D'Souza, Avion Filipe, Marilee D'Souza and Valerio Viegas, entertained the audiences to the extremes.

The trendy "Viva La Goa" coordinated by Marina D'Souza comprised of Leena Lobo, Sheryl Jesus, Reshma, Yvonne Fernandes, Maria, Nigel, Ronny, Hudson Fernandes, Radley, Edwin Nazareth and a special appearance by Anthony & Katherine Fernandes had the audiences swinging to a heady concoction of Goan indo-western cultural brew. A traditional Mando "Nodrek Nodor Zali Tednam" by "Goenchim Sallkam" led by Augusto Morais (guitar) and Gracy Morais coordinated by Laurie Miranda, Menino Fernandes (gummot), David Pereira (violin) with Cindy Fernandes, Clara Rodrigues, Olinda Dias, Debbie Lobo, Joaquina Franco, Martinho Martins, Jose Anthony, Xavier Lobo, Saluzinho Vaz, Simon Dias, Adelia Morais, Gaynelle Morais, Waldemar Martins, Marishka Fernandes, Meville Lobo, Lisania Gomes, Dwayne Lobo, Effie Martins, Peter Franco and Nelson Colalco received thunderous applause.

A novel mando-dekhnni-dulpod concept by the troupe, tastefully designed ethnic costumes by Agnela Fernandes (God Gift’s Tailors) and other props were the highlights of the Mando presentation. The tiny tots added sparkles to the mando rendition which was composed by late Luis Rodrigues, ‘dekhnnis’ from famous Konkani film "Nirmonn" and some ‘dulpods’ composed by Prof. Lourdinho Barreto and others. Instrumental music solo performances by the very talented and professional Shahu (Francis Almeida) on the saxophone and musician Francis Machado on the violin had the audience glued to their seats.

The chief guest Fausto V. Da Costa in his speech highlighted and commended the efforts of KMK President Domingos Araujo and the Gulab Working Committee who took upon themselves to promote and support Goa's first coloured Konkani illustrated magazine "Gulab". Earlier to mark the occasion a colourful souvenir specially designed and dedicated to GULAB and a Kuwait special issue of GULAB was released at the hands of the chief guest and the KMK President Domingos Araujo.

The awards ceremony to mark the Silver Jubilee of GULAB was an added flavor to a glittering presentation. All together 25 awards were given, which included 6 Participating Groups, 2 Main Sponsors, 5 Prominent Personalities, 2 Outstanding Organizations, 1 each Support & Technical, and above all 8 awards were given for Media - 3 for English dailies Arab Times, Kuwait Times and Al-Watan and 1 for English weekly The Times. Four (4) Konkani webportals awards received special commendation. Mementos were given to Fausto V. Da Costa and Pio Antonio Esteves and Antonio Corriea Pienkar.

The highlight of the evening was a Konkani play "Gulab" written by Lino B. Dourado and directed by Sushil Amonkar featuring Querobina Carvalho, Braz de Parra, Laurie Miranda and Anjali Amonkar, well coordinated by Cynthia Rodrigues. The decorated red rose (GULAB) 'novelty' # 302 was picked up by DJ Stacy and won by Monushka Coelho. Each of the brain storm quiz competition prize winners received one year free subscription for GULAB monthly magazine. The Konkani Variety Show concluded with yet another session of "Pearl Beats" with solo song "Dhoryachim Lahram” by ‘Voice of Mangalore’ semi-finalist Vinay Lewis, solo song "Valcha Udkak Mog Dhoryacho by Laveena Pais, solo song "Rosalyn" by Vinay Lewis and a duet "Aaya Mesta" by Ivan Almeida and Gladys Noronha, added charm to the event with their English and Konkani renditions. Over 120 participants took part in the three hours event, which was excellently coordinated by Anjali Amonkar, Gracy Morais, Debbie Lobo, Manuel F.X. Fernandes and Domingos Araujo. The organizers gratefully thanked every Goan and Konkani lover in Kuwait and overseas for their tremendous support, messages, encouragement and cooperation towards GULAB.

In their continuing endeavours, KMK and GWC announced an unique "GULAB Carol Singing Competition" and presentation of traditional Christmas time songs as the third part of Silver Jubilee Celebration in Kuwait on 19th December 2008 at Carmel School Auditorium at 3.00 pm sharp. For more details please contact – 66502572 or e-mail

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