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Nuvem-Kuwait Parishioners felicitated Norman Cardozo

Nuvem-Kuwait Parishioners felicitated the well-known
musician Norman Cardozo

Exclusive Interview
Nuvem-Kuwait Parishioners (NKP) felicitated the
well-known musician Norman Cardozo from Murda Grande,
Nuvem - Salcete Goa for his outstanding achievements
in music on Monday, 19th September 2005.

Before landing in Kuwait to play in Comedian Philip’s
musical show ‘Tum Vhoir Aum Sokol’, he has played in
London for "Lorna". "Prince Jacob" and other Goan
artistes and mesmerized the audience with his solo

Lino Gabriel Fernandes, NKP Secretary honoured the
proud son of the soil with a memento and on behalf of
Nuvem Parishioner in Kuwait, Master Manfred Fernandes,
son of Agusto (NKP treasurer) felicitated the musician
with a Gold Pendant.

While the reception was on a prominent writer

telephonic interview with Norman Cardoz.

Lino B. Dourado: I had a great opportunity to see you
live on stage in Kuwait at Hawally A/C Auditorium for
Comedian Philip’s musical show ‘Tum Vhoir Aum Sokol’
on 16th Sept. 2005. After a long break Tiatr lovers in
Kuwait enjoyed your combination with Kuwait based
musicians. What do you think about this?

Norman Cardoz: Every show I’ve played with has a
different way of performing and in order to be a
sensitive accompanist, I have to orient myself to that
person’s frame of mind and suit my music to their
music. I would like to thank Shahu, Adrian and their
music troupe for their best support. That is the
reason ‘Tum Vhoir Aum Sokol’ was an instant hit show.

Lino B. Dourado: Before coming to Kuwait I understand
that you provided music for some Konkani shows and
tiatrs in Europe. Also what difference to you find
between the audience back home and in foreign

Norman Cardoz: In Goa I play almost every alternate
day in tiatr, wedding reception, beat shows, etc. I
meet Goan audience very often. No doubt I received
respect and appreciation all over Goa. After the end
of the shows normally the people are in a hurry to go
home and we musicians are busy packing our
instruments. Whereas in foreign countries like Canada,
UK, Portugal, Kuwait and etc., a gullible audience
encircle you to get a handshake and sign a few
autographs from the artistes. It stunned me that these
lovely people stood for hours to get autographs. Life
is inspiration. You feel honoured. You feel like you
have achived your aim.

Lino B. Dourado: You are well-known in Goan music
world as a best solo artist. How long have you been
playing now in tiatr fraternity?

Norman Cardoz: To establish a strong identity for
myself, first of all I have to do my homework well. I
want to be as good as I can be and to do as much hard
work as possible. This is a constant challenge. In the
beginning I used to play the guitar in tiatr. In 2001
I started on keyboard. I wanted to be my own so I
started ‘one man band.’ Ultimately, I received
appreciation from different corners and in 2002
versatile actor, singer, director-producer Jose Rod
invited me to play in his new drama ‘Devan Dilem
Denvcharan Velem’ in Kuwait. That was my first one man
performance in a foreign country.

Lino B. Dourado: So this is your second time in

Norman Cardoz: Yes.

Lino B. Dourado: Have you won any awards? When and

Norman Cardoz: As a best musician I have won the
prestigious 2002 ‘Gulab Award’ for Mario Meneze’s
drama “Mhoji Maim Mhoji Dusman”. This award I shared
with most senior music director Diniz.

Lino B. Dourado: What have you to say regarding the
Parishioners of Nuvem in Kuwait?

Norman Cardoz: While receiving the Nuvem-Kuwait
Parishioners’ memento from the hands of Secretary Lino
Gabriel Fernandes, I was overwhelmed and tears rolled
down because of the kind love and honour that was
bestowed upon me by the villagers. It feels so good to
get recognition for my work. I am greatful not only to
those who are present for the reception but all those
ganv-bhav who remember me in a one way or the other.
I will never forget this moment. I thank the
organizers for a wonderful evening.

Lino B. Dourado: What is your message to Goans in

Norman Cardoz: Together work for the betterment of
the Goan community. Encourage the youngsters in music
and theatrical arts. I hope to see more Goans into
such creativeness and music. Thank you Lino Bab.

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