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*A tribute to late Jacinto Vaz - Charlie Chaplin of Konkani Stage*

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*A tribute to late Jacinto Vaz - Charlie Chaplin of Konkani Stage*

The late Jacinto Vaz popularly known as Charlie Chaplin of the Konkani Stage was the First Tiatrist to receive the Goa State Cultural Award for the year 1979-80.

Born in Mandur, Ilhas Goa, on 27th April 1918, Jacinto did his schooling in Goa and Bombay. He used to take part in singing competitions in the School.
Although he started his career as a serious artist he ultimately acted in comedy roles, comedy which was in his blood. Jacinto Vaz has acted in 1000's of Konkani tiatrs all over Goa as well as Bombay and has won several awards including "Cine Times" and "Gulab" awards. He also acted in few Konkani films.

Jacinto Vaz is best remembered for his 3 famous songs: 'Akashwani', 'Bombay Deko' and 'Dont worry be Happy'.

After his song 'Akashwani' All India Radio had stopped playing his songs for some time. In this song he came on stage with his face tucked in cardboard box (radio) and then he would switch on the radio and imitate the songs, Akashwani broadcasted, mostly the news and the songs..ending with:
ah ah ah ah ah ah oxem zata....
magir fugdi galo go...
baba zala gho.....

Jacinto Vaz's first audio cassette 'Goemcho Avaz' was produced with the help of his son Tony Vaz. Songs in this cassette are: Rodtam hospitalan, Morn, Bangde Jelache, Saude, Goemkaranchi sutka, and Bombay Deko.

Jacinto Vaz is the only tiatrist, who made me laugh, I have not seen any other Tiatrist whose comedy can be compared to the Great Comedian 'Jacinto Vaz'

Today 30th April is the death Anniversary of Jacinto Vaz. I am not sure exaclty which year he passed away but I think it was in 1993. Kala Academy of Goa which celebrated the 100 years of Tiatr on 17th April 1992, had a valedictory function in Aprill 1993 to honour the
works of Konkani tiatrists, C.Alvares. Jacinto Vaz, M.Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Shalini, Prem Kumar, Antonette Mendes, Alfred Rose, Fidelis Fernandes, Alex Fernandes, Ophelia and Philomena Braz.

Jacinto Vaz could not attend the show as he was sick and his wife Mary received the award on his behalf. I think he passed away in the same month & year (1993).

Below are the words of the song, sung by Jose Rod - "Jacinto Vaz" which is a tribute to the great Konkani comedian and artiste.

May his soul rest in Peace.

Edward Verdes
Dandeavaddo - Chinchinim
Salcette Goa.


Jacinto Vaz
Lyrics and song by Jose Rod

Konkani palkacho Charlie Chaplin, mhunntlear sogott tuca vollkotalo,
Veg vegle toreche soungam korun, lokak ansoitalo,
Bhurgechponnim khorea mogan, konkani palkak tunvem vengoilolo,
Azunui palkar tuji goroz amkam, sodlear khoim mevtolo.

Jacint vaz, tujem naum aikot tor, tiatr pollounk lok ietalo daum marun,
Tiatr pollenarank divirtir kele, bori comedy korun,
Abrilache 30 tarker somplo, boro comedian ithisan dovrun,
Tunvem ansoilolo lok tuca aiz roddta, dolle dukhamani bhorun.

Ekonxim voixim (1980) vorsa state awards ghetlo tujea athan,
Kala Academyn , CineTimes, Gulab awards jikoi kedo tuca maan
Khorench hem ek Devachem dennem, comedy rigon asli tujea rogtan
Sodlear amkam anik meuchonam, giraslo darun mornan.
Composor, comedian, tiatr boroupi, chearui konxeacheani tuje tiatr zalele,
Abi tum log bombay deko, kantaran pixe kelele,
Dont worry be happy ho cant tuzo, sang Goemcar koxe visortole,
Once more talleo marun palkar tuca, koxe apoitole.

Tiatrachim xembor vorsam zalim, thoddeank pollounk tem noxib asonk na
Kala Academin inamam dilelem, gheunk tum ieunk na
Ghorkarnin tuzo inam ghetlo, bolake pasot tujean ieunk zaunk na
Toslim xembor vorsam rochtelea Bapan tuca kiteak favo keli na.

Konkani palkak jivit bhettoilem, lokak ansoile pott futtomsor
Konnachean tuka visronk zaumchem nam, Goeamkar zannat tuzo valor
Goemcarache navan magtam, Saiba Jacint Vazak gopant dhor
Charlie Chaplin nimmo adeus tuca, Saiba taka sorg favo kor.

- Lyrics & Text forwarded by Eddie Verdes.

To order your copy, email: jyovalden at or cecilpinto at

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