Monday, January 26, 2009

Devak Zai Zalear - Tiatr in Kuwait (2004)


All preparations are underway for staging Benevangelisto’s well acclaimed
tiatro “DEVAK ZAI ZALEAR” in Kuwait on 13th of next month at Indian Arts
Circle Funaitees, starting at 3.30 p.m. Beautiful handbills showing
attractive photographs of the artistes are already released today near the
Church and displayed and pasted at some of the strategic locations in
Kuwait. Gate Passes are already available at Raja Stores and with the
organizers. These days there is nothing but talk of “Devak Zai Zalear”
tiatro and all the lovers of tiatro are anxiously awaiting to see this
tiatro. Those who are come forward to help Benevangelisto to stage this
tiatro in Kuwait are very busy with the task ahead and they will leave no
stone unturned to attain success for this tiatro. The organizers besides
being charismatic people, as per my information, are assured total support
by the tiatro lovers in Kuwait, including Goan Organisations and Clubs.
Secondly, this is the first time after a long gap a tiatro troupe is coming
to Kuwait and because of this tiatro lovers are anxiously awaiting seeing
this tiatro of Ben.

About Benevangelisto, he is known as Goa’s best character comedian having
won many times best comedian awards. He rose into fame with his master
piece tiatro “KIDD”. The other masperpiece tiatro of his was “CHONDRIM”
Gulf is not new for him as he already has acted in Kuwait a number of times
earlier. A year back in KKK organized “Songit Sanz” his character role as
“Garamae” and a solo as “Elvis Presely” surely mesmerized the hall packed
audience. Billed as seasons best tiatro in Goa, Ben will this time perform
super character role of late Jacinto Vaz and will render much admired song
of Jacinto Vaz “Abi Tum Lok Bombay Deko”. This song has recently won him
innumerable fans in Dubai where he participated in Mario Menezes tiatro.

The other aritstes who deserve mention are versatile Felcy one of the most
experienced and seasoned females of Goan stage whose acting and singing
styles are unique; Rosy Alvares belonging to the clan of Alvares family
that has given so much for Konkani stage. Rosy Alvares’ beautiful looks,
smart way of singing and very good acting will surely delight the audience.
As it is Rosy Alvares has recently won the prestigeious “Gulab” award for
being the best actress of 2002. She will pair with one of the giants of
Konkani Stage Mario Menezes and both of them will do justice to their roles.
Father and son duo of Young Chico and Jr. Chico first time in Kuwait will
perform together and as promised they will capture the hearts of the
audience by rendering best of songs as never sung before. As per the
organisers, Jr. Chico will devote his best of talents only for this show
along with his father. Mathew Araujo de St. Cruz, the best actor award
winner of Gulab will do his role in a style totally different from what
normally done by normal actors. Baby Hayzel the daughter of well known
stage artiste Milagres de Chandor will perform her role to the best of her
abilities and since she is the daughter of Milagres de Chandor, surely all
eyes will focus on her tenderness. Comedian Sally who is having a vast
following in Kuwait need no much elaboration but along with Benevangelisto
and tall boy comedian Boney (Colva) will keep the audience at the edge of
their seats. Ben will perform a unique role in which audience will see him
as the tallest man on the stage. Connie M. of Fantasy Band fame will render
best of his solos, so also Lawry. Especial musicians will accompany the
troupe from Goa and hence musical part will be taken care of nicely.
Additionally, local artistes will also perform in this tiatro the main one
being by public demand “Michael D’Silva” whose enormous following in Kuwait
will give extra boost to this tiatro.

Since this tiatro will comprise best of artistes consisting of best of
singers and performers of character roles, the audience will surely get
fabulous entertainement. One will hav feast of songs namely solos, duos,
duets, trios etc.

For Entry Passes or for any other information contact the organizers on Tel.
Nos. 7808473 & 9531863.

A. Veronica Fernandes,

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