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Condolence Meeting held by KGTS

Condolence Meeting Held in Kuwait by KGTS

The untimely demise of late Julio Morais and late Fr.
Freddy Da Costa was condoled at a condolence meeting
held by the Kuwait Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS),
Kuwait on 24th May 2004 at the Royal Terrasse,
Salmiya at 7:00 p.m.

KGTS President, Francis de Verna in his opening speech
highlighted the tragic loss to Konkani Lovers due to
the sudden death of Julio Morais, Fr. Freddy J. Da
Costa, Felicio Cardoso and Frank Pires.

Cajetan de Sanvordem, speaking on late Julio Morais -
the beloved father/father-in-law of Augusto/Gracy
(both KGTS members) said that the latter who spent
several years in Kuwait involved himself mainly in two
things: Konkani dramas and football.
He helped many Konkani drama directors in Kuwait
including his ganv-bhav late Tavares de Ribandar,
whose drama "Milagrincho Khuris" was staged by Julio

Another senior KGTS member, Junifer Rodrigues added
that Julio Morais was a great Konkani lover and would
go to any length to promote Konkani. He was always
ahead to help the needy Goans.

While condoling Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa's death,
Cajetan de Sanvordem expressed how deeply he was
shocked when he learnt and goanet, that
Fr. Freddy is no more. Cajetan briefed on the life of
Fr. Freddy from his childhood when he was studying for
priesthood in the seminary, and also writing dramas in
which Cajetan used to act.

Fr. Freddy used to say that to give message to the
audience through dramas is the best way, people digest
it easily. Fr. Freddy has given so much to the Konkani
world for which he worked continuously till his

Cajetan recollected that on 20th July 2003 Fr. Freddy
celebrated his 50th birthday at Gomantak Vidhya
Niketan, Margao-Goa where GULAB awards were
distributed, in his speech the late Fr. Freddy said:
“Mhojea ponas vorsamchea jivitant mornan don pavtt
mhojea dharar marlem, pun dhar kosench ugodle nam.
Mhaka Konknni khatir zaitem korinxem dhista, hanvem
Tiatr dakhoileat tantle khaim tiatr borech hit zaleat,
mhaka anikui tiatr boroinxe dhistat pun boll pavona,
pun mhoji ek akhri itcha asa, ani ti mhunttlear ek
khodegant Konknni film toiar korpachi, uprant anv
moronk raji".
Alas Fr. Freddy could not fulfill his last wish.

Rich tributes were also paid to late Mr. Felicio
Cardozo, and prayers were offered to the Almighty in
rememberance of Frank Pires also.

– May their souls rest in peace.

KGTS Managing Committee

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