Monday, January 26, 2009

Pundalik Naik is Gulab's Man of the Year


It is wonderful that a pragmatic person like current GKA President
and Sahitiya Academy Executive member, Pundalik Naik, was chosen to be
awarded the "Man of the Year" award by GULAB. All goans applaud him.

Under the Presidentship of Pundalik Naik the GKA has made all
facilities available to Konkani writes IRRESPECTIVE of the SCRIPT, in
the true spirit of the 71st Amendment ot the Constitution of India
passed on 20 August, 1992 and celebrated worldwide as WORLD GOA DAY.

It is a pity that the organisers cannot rise above the script issues
and continue to write pro-Devanagri in the entirely Roman script
magazine! Talk about ingratitude.

Eduardo Faleiro keeps harping on the need to make all Sunday services
[or Mass] in Konkani by misinterpreting the Vatican-II documents. It
has been clarified during the Kannada Chaluvali agitation in Karnataka
in the early 1980s that the "Language of the People" in the Vatican
documents has nothing to do with the "Official Language of the State"
but, rather, refers to the language understood by the "congregation of
the faithfull" in the church at a given time. When there are so many
Christians in Goa who do not follow the Archdiocesan dialect of
Konkani or, being domestic or foreign tourists, are not familiar with
Konkani at all, why deny them participation in mass and make them into
mute spectators?

In Bengalooru or Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, more masses are
conducted in Tamil, Konkani and English than in the official language
Kannada even today. Eduardo Faleiro's Konkani chauvinism is not in
sync with the Vatican just as his Devanagri for Konkani education is
not in sync with the ground reality in Goa today. He could, of course,
conduct his NRI Commission work exclusively in official Konkani [in
Devanagri script as per the law in force] and see how far he can get
with it.

Remember to celebrate WGD on 20 August, 2008. Konkani turns a sweet
sixteen years of age in the Constitution of India. It was notified in
the Official Gazette of India on 31 August, 1992. No script ...only

Mog asundi.


Date: 24 Jul 2008 10:45:12 -0000
From: "Domingos Araujo"
Subject: Re: [Goanet] Pundalik Naik is Gulab's Man of the Year
Dear Rioma,
Congratulations! for winning the GULAB Award for the best Child
Artiste for your debut performance in the tiatr "Hevui Chukik
Bhogsonnem Nam" written & directed by your father Tragedy King Mario
Menezes, the director with continuous super hits.

Best Wishes,
Kala Mogui Kuwait.

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 gulab wrote :
>Pundalik Naik is Gulab's Man of the Year
>Goa Konkani Akademi president, Pundalik Naik was conferred the prestigious 'Gulab Man of the Year award at a glittering function held at Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao on July 20, 2008 on the 55th. birth anniversary of Gulab founder editor late Fr. Freddy J. da Costa.

>Acclaimed writer-director-actor Mario Menezes' daughter Baby Rioma Menezes won the award for best Child Artiste for her debut performance in the tiatr "Hevui Chukik Bhogsonnem Nam."
>Fabian G. da Costa, the manager of Gulab proposed the vote of thanks.
>Photos at:


Miguel Braganza, S1 Gracinda Apts,
Rajvaddo, Mhapsa 403507 Goa
Ph 9822982676

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